Payload generator that uses Metasploit and Veil. Takes IP address input and then builds payloads automatically. Calls Veil framework with supplied IP address and creates binaries and handlers. Uses msfvenom to create payloads and writes resource handler files in the same way that Veil does.

The --php option creates a pshell.txt that automatically removes the comments at the start of the file so you can use this without the need to edit.

--> Update the path to the Veil Evasion Script

The tool now has error checking that show the directory structure and parses the veil config file. -->


Generate Metasploit Payloads --msf --ip


Generate Metasploit Payloads with custom port --msf --ip --port 7777

Generate Veil Payloads --veil --ip

Generate Veil Payloads with custom port

======= --veil --ip --port 7777

Generate Multiple --veil --msf --php --ip

Generate PHP Payload --php --ip

Clean Out Directories --clean

Specify custom output directory

payday --veil --msf --output /path/to/custom --ip

Clean custom output directory

payday --output /path/to/custom --clean