Python SVO Extractor using NLTK

A small SVO extractor written in Python for the great library NLTK.


If you are on Mac you can install Stanford Parser using brew install stanford-parser as depicted here:

Else use this description to install and use the Stanford Parser for NLTK here

python install

Either remove the first two rows in

os.environ['STANFORD_PARSER'] = ''
os.environ['STANFORD_MODELS'] = ''

AND set env variables

export STANFORD_PARSER="<stanford-parser-path>"
export STANFORD_MODELS="<stanford-models-path>"


just set

os.environ['STANFORD_PARSER'] = ''
os.environ['STANFORD_MODELS'] = ''

to the appropriate values.


from svo.svo import SVO`

svo = SVO()


Alpha version, so it might not be the best implementation. Rewritten from to be able to run it without jython.