joeecc is a playground for Elliptic Curve Cryptography in FP. It is written in pure Python and aims to explain ECC in easy terms. It is neither written to be performant, nor side-channel resistant nor in any way suited for productive use at all. Please use it for its intended purpose and for it only.

The rationale behind joeecc is to show a clear and mathematically clean presentation of the underlying mathematical problems. Most code that is written arund ECC -- especially code that revolves around Ed25519 and/or Curve25519 is heavily optimized and in many cases hard to understand. joeecc tries to present the problems with a high level of abstraction in order to serve as yet another (different) reference to compare implementations against and in order to aid understanding of heavily optimized code. All curve arithmetic is therefore performed in affine space; performance in affine space is lowest, but having values that directly can be checked against the curve equation makes understanding everything extremely easy.


There's a ECC tutorial that I've written which accompanies the pure code. It can be found at