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Hi. This my personal repo I'm using to contain all my open source ideas. It serves as my justification to try out new ideas, but with an overengineered infrastructure and libraries to support scaling and doing things "my way".

If you're familiar with Django, this will be very similar. Unfortunately due to time constraints, I can't offer free support.

Table of Contents

What's Next

In the future, I'm expecting to move a lot of machine learning projects about health into this repo. In the upcoming month, as I move things over bit by bit, this will be home to

Lots of Credit To ....


To start a local web server

1) mkdir -p .envs/local && touch .django
2) Add some random env_varibles in there
3) Run docker-compose -f local.ym up
4) Profit

To install pre-commit hooks

# probably be on a virtualenv where calling python results in py3+

1. pip install pre-commit
2. pre-commit install