Various silly, QOL, and community-based cogs for Twentysix's Red-DiscordBot

Most of these cogs were made with a specific server in mind.
The bot's responses will make that obvious.
There will only be a minimal effort to convert them for general use.
If you'd like to help with that or anything else, please put up issues and PRs and whatnot.

None of these cogs are guaranteed to work with Red.
If that is the case, there will be an effort to warn the user about it in the cog's info.json file.
Again, minimal effort will be made to convert the actual cogs though.
If you find any issues, please do submit it. It will help us track them for when we do fix them.

If you have questions or would like some support for these cogs, please head over to the #coding channel in Twentysix's Red - Discord Bot discord server.
There's no guarantee I'll help you :wink: especially if you don't bring snacks.