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More than 95% of deepfake videos are created with DeepFaceLab. DeepFaceLab is used by such popular youtube channels as |![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [Ctrl Shift Face](|![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [VFXChris Ume](| |---|---| |![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [Sham00k](|![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [Collider videos](|![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [iFake](| |---|---|---| |![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [NextFace](|![](doc/youtube_icon.png) [Futuring Machine](| |---|---|
# What can I do using DeepFaceLab?
## Replace the face
## De-age the face
## Replace the head
## Change the lip movement of politicians* ![](doc/youtube_icon.png) \* also requires a skill in video editors such as *Adobe After Effects* or *Davinci Resolve*
# Deepfake native resolution progress
Unfortunately, there is no "make everything ok" button in DeepFaceLab. You should spend time studying the workflow and growing your skills. A skill in programs such as *AfterEffects* or *Davince Resolve* is also desirable.
## Mini tutorial
## Releases |||| |---|---|---| |Windows|[Get magnet link](|Last release. Use torrent client to download.| ||[](|Contains new and prev releases.| |Google Colab|[github](|by @chervonij . You can train fakes for free using Google Colab.| |CentOS Linux|[github](|May be outdated. By @elemantalcode| |Linux|[github](|May be outdated. By @lbfs| ||||
## Links |||| |---|---|---| |Guides and tutorials||| ||[DeepFaceLab guide](|Main guide| ||[Faceset creation guide](|How to create the right faceset | ||[Google Colab guide](|Guide how to train the fake on Google Colab| ||[Compositing](|To achieve the highest quality, compose deepfake manually in video editors such as Davinci Resolve or Adobe AfterEffects| ||[Discussion and suggestions](|| |||| |Supplementary material||| ||[Ready to work facesets](|Celebrity facesets made by community| ||[Pretrained models](|Use pretrained models made by community to speed up training| |||| |Communication groups||| ||[reddit r/RUdeepfakes/](|Постим русские дипфейки сюда !| ||[Русское сообщество](|| ||[telegram (English / Русский)](|Don't forget to hide your phone number| ||[telegram (English only)](|Don't forget to hide your phone number| ||[mrdeepfakes](|the biggest NSFW English community| ||[reddit r/GifFakes/](|Post your deepfakes there !| ||[reddit r/SFWdeepfakes/](|Post your deepfakes there !| ||QQ 951138799|中文 Chinese QQ group for ML/AI experts| ||[](|中文学习站(非官方|
## How I can help the project? ||| |---|---| |Donate|Sponsor deepfake research and DeepFaceLab development.| ||[Donate via Paypal]( ||[Donate via Yandex.Money](| ||bitcoin:bc1qkhh7h0gwwhxgg6h6gpllfgstkd645fefrd5s6z| |Alipay 捐款|![](doc/Alipay_donation.jpg)| ||| |Last donations|-| ||| |Collect facesets|You can collect faceset of any celebrity that can be used in DeepFaceLab and share it [in the community](| ||| |Star this repo|Register github account and push "Star" button.|
## Meme zone

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