Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol

Plenum is the heart of the distributed ledger technology inside Hyperledger Indy. As such, it provides features somewhat similar in scope to those found in Fabric. However, it is special-purposed for use in an identity system, whereas Fabric is general purpose.

Technical Overview of Indy Plenum

Refer to our documentation site at indy.readthedocs.io for the most current documentation and walkthroughs.

Please find the general overview of the system in Overview of the system.

Plenum's consensus protocol which is based on RBFT is described in consensus protocol diagram.

More documentation can be found in docs.

Other Documentation

Indy Plenum Repository Structure


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How to Contribute

How to Start Working with the Code

Please have a look at Dev Setup in indy-node repo. It contains common setup for both indy-plenum and indy-node.