Quadcopter 3D Simulator

The project simulates a quadcopter in 3D environment. It contains a basic quadcopter dynamics model, hover controller, trajectory generator, visualisation toolkit and a top level scheduler which runs each module at a specific rate.

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I have been playing and studying quadcopter in my spare time since 2014 when I first bought a crazyflie. There are many interesting projects around already, like vision-based SLAM, hover control and advance manoeuvre, etc. However, there are very few open source quadcopter simulator which helps a beginner to overcome the mental barrier of understanding the underlying physics. There are a lot of research papers on the topic of quadcopter control and autonomous application, but none of those can be made possible without a decent simulation tool. This project aims to address that. Thanks to Coursera's online course Aerial Robotics by Professor Vijay Kumar, which presents quadcopter's motion equations in detail, I was then inspired and finally able to write this from scratch.

To Run

The simulator only uses matplotlib and scipy. You can simply run the following:

python runsim.py

Future Work

  1. add sensor noise model, wind.
  2. add sensor fusion.i.e EKF,UKF
  3. reinforment learning.


Any contribution are welcome if you are interested in the project, but please let me know.


Peter Huang

Email: hbd730@gmail.com