Graphical Python programming for trading and automation

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Installation into existing Python 3.x environment

Pythonic is compatible with Python version 3.6 and 3.7.

1. Install Python 3.7

2a. [Linux]

On Linux based systems, run sudo pip3 install Pythonic or sudo python3 -m pip install Pythonic

If youre facing problems installing PyQt5, you may have to upgrade pip first: python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

In general, root-rights are not required but when you run without it, the start script under /usr/local/bin/ won't get installed.

2b. [Windows]

On Windows, open the command line or the Powershell and type: pip3 install Pythonic

You can now start Pythonic from the command line by typing:

3. ./Pythonic


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Known Issues

No such file or directory: '/tmp/pip-install-fx0y4_8o/PyQt5/'

There is a bug in the latest version of PyQt5 on PyPi. Install PyQt 5.13 manually before you install Pythonic.

sudo python3 -m pip install pyqt5==5.13

pip3: command not found

On Ubuntu, pip3 is not installed by default. Run sudo apt install python3-pip to install pip3.

No module named 'urllib3.packages.six'

When you get this error message, your distribution propably offers only an old version of urlib3. This command should fix the issue:

sudo python3 -m pip install requests urllib3 pyOpenSSL --force --upgrade