Hangouts Chat code samples

This repository contains the code samples for Hangouts Chat bots. There are folders of samples dependent on language and platform. Generally the Java and Python samples live in each respective directory, but JavaScript has multiple form factors (client-side, server-side/Node.js, Google Apps Script [also server side], and Cloud Functions [GCP or Firebase]).

Which JS platform you choose depends on the type of bot application you're using/writing. Apps Script features tighter integration with G Suite data and applications, while Google Cloud Functions has a tighter integration with Google Cloud Platform services and APIs. Finally, mobile apps or mobile web apps are more likely to want to take advantage of Cloud Functions for Firebase. It is also generally straightforward to port from one JS implementation to another, for example, to Node.js.

In each folder, you can find a language-specific implementation of the one or more of the following code samples:

For additional details about how to set up and run each sample, consult the README file included with the sample.

Note: The Hangouts Chat application, and the developer platform, are only available to G Suite accounts. You will not be able to develop or test a bot with an account.

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This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.