status: inactive

This project is no longer actively developed or maintained.

This code is deprecated in favor of Kubernetes and Kubelet.


container-agent is a small python agent designed to manage a group of Docker containers according to a YAML manifest.

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virtualenv env
env/bin/pip install git+
env/bin/container-agent <path/to/manifest.yaml>

Google Cloud Platform

Container-optimized images including container-agent are available for Google Compute Engine.

You can list available versions using:

gcloud compute images list --project google-containers

You can launch a new instance running container-agent. It will try to read the manifest from google-container-manifest metadata on startup:

gcloud compute instances create my-container-vm \
    --image projects/google-containers/global/images/container-vm-v20140522 \
    --metadata-from-file google-container-manifest=/path/to/containers.yaml \
    --zone us-central1-a \
    --machine-type f1-micro

Read more about Containers on the Google Cloud Platform

Container Group

The agent setup the container group defined by the manifest to share:

This creates a runtime environment where:


A simple netcat server.

version: v1beta1
  - name: simple-echo
    image: busybox
    command: ['nc', '-p', '8080', '-l', '-l', '-e', 'echo', 'hello world!']
      - name: nc-echo
        hostPort: 8080
        containerPort: 8080

Read the Manifest format specification, and browse examples



Apache License, Version 2.0