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Scaled Automation Application For Ad Operations Teams

At gTech, we believe every ad operations team should be faster, nimbler, and able to use all their data sources to drive client impact. To that end, we've created StarThinker, a simple and intuitive web UI that allows users to create, edit, run, and schedule data pipelines consisting of data transfer and data processing jobs. StarThinker deploys on Google Cloud in minutes without engineering or coding required. Read the WhitePaper.

StarThinker Screen Shots

For Ad Operations Teams...

Sheets only go so far, with a StarThinker running, the ad operations team can operate on larger data sets, scale solutions across clients fast, and even automate campaing controls. All using a drag and drop UI.

Steps From Tutorial:

For Ad Engineering Teams....

No one enjoys building boiler plate code, its slow, error prone, tedious, and honestly drains the energy out of any project. At best StarThinker lets you skip all that, at worst its working code you can strip down for your needs. Take what you need.

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