The Acorn Electron is a British computer that was very popular in the UK and New Zealand in the 80s, and was the first computer I ever used, in 1985. I acquired one on eBay in 2016, and started hacking on hardware expansions for it a little later. In the meantime I've also acquired a BBC Model B, and some BBC Master 128 motherboards. This repository contains various hardware expansions I've designed for the three machines.


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Acorn Electron projects

Cross-platform projects

BBC Model B projects

BBC Master 128 projects

Miscellaneous things that happened along the way

Future project ideas

Installation notes

I use my own Python scripts for generating netlists, rather than entering schematics through Kicad's eeschema package. If you change the .py file in any of the pcb folders, running 'make' (or 'make net') should rebuild the netlist.

The Makefile will also plot gerbers once a .kicad_pcb file has been created. This requires some messing around on macOS -- you have to copy the system Python executable into the pcbnew folder.

Generating the previews linked from the files requires pcb-tools, which you can install using python install in the third_party/pcb-tools folder (after running git submodule update --init). On macOS, first install its dependencies with brew install cairo pango.