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These are some utilities, tools, and scripts for managing and tracking a fleet of Macintoshes in a corporate environment. We expect to use this primarily as a repository for small scripts or tools that don't warrant a standalone project.


Automation tool for creating images


Extras for crankd to log application usage


A nagging utility intended to provoke users into doing major OS upgrades.


A simple fact for tracking application usage. A class for caching custom fact values.


Python modules with useful methods for managing and controlling Macintosh computers


A SecurityAgentPlugin to keep the login keychain synchronized in enterprise environments.


A package that attempts to render the target machine unbootable.


A menubar item with a plug-in architecture which allows admins to create anything that helps their fleet: from setting user preferences to reporting on machine status.


A host remediation program for managed Macs. Securely downloads disk images from your server and installs contained packages.


A utility to measure the system impact of a process.

Related Projects

Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software deployment solution.

Munki is a set of package management tools.

Santa is a binary whitelisting/blacklisting solution for OS X. It features a kernel extension that monitors executions, and a GUI agent that alerts the user that a binary is blocked. Read more at the Santa repo: https://github.com/google/santa

Cauliflower Vest is an end-to-end solution for automatically enabling and escrowing keys for FileVault 2.

PyMacAdmin is another collection of Python utilities for Mac OS X system administration, the main piece of which is crankd


We have a public mailing list at google-macops@googlegroups.com


This is not an official Google product.