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The Grab n Go (GnG) Loaner project is a fully automated loaner management suite that manages enterprise enrolled Chrome OS devices by automatically assigning, returning, and monitoring these devices.

Using the GnG project, enterprise users can self-checkout a loaner Chromebook and begin using it right away, thereby decreasing the workload on IT support while keeping users productive.

The program is comprised of three parts:

Important notice about Chrome Apps!

Note: Chrome Apps are being phased out in favor of extensions and progressive web apps

If you haven't yet deployed Grab and Go to the Chrome Web Store

Enterprise/EDU customers can continue to deploy Chrome Apps to the Chrome Web Store using the guidance we've provided (specifically unlisted/private hosting in the Chrome Web Store) in the documentation for the forseeable future.

If you have deployed Grab and Go to the Chrome Web Store

You should be in good shape for now! Existing Enterprise/EDU Chrome Apps (Grab and Go included) are not in-scope until June 2022 according to the announcement linked above.

Current release: Alpha (v0.7.1a)

Note: If you are doing a new deployment please deploy from master as we work on cutting a new release. For current deployments, please hold off on upgrading until we can test the next numbered release.

Please note that the current release of this application is in ALPHA. We will be actively contributing to the project. Please keep an eye out for future updates and features!

Note: To build this project you must install Bazel 0.26. Currently Bazel 0.27 or later is unsupported.

To use the latest code (also known as master), run the following command:

git clone
cd loaner

To use release number 0.7.1, run the following command:

git clone -b Alpha-\(0.7.1\)
cd loaner

Technical Stack


To deploy and configure the Grab n Go (GnG) Loaner project, follow the steps below.

Reference Documentation


We are not accepting external contributions at this time. The current release of the application is still in alpha. We will be actively contributing to this project throughout 2018. After this project reaches a 1.0 release, we will begin accepting external contributions. Please feel free to file bugs and feature requests using GitHub's Issue Tracker.


The current release of the application is in active development.

This is not an official Google product. This program is not formally supported and the code is available as-is with no guarantees.

Documentation, including those for end users of this system, is provided in this repository only as examples of the "out of box" experience for the app and does not account for any modifications made by the administrator in deploying the app. Administrators should review and adjust all documentation and instructions found in the app as applicable to their deployment.