Deprecation Notice

Users of message-recall,

The team at Google responsible for the message-recall want to provide you with a 30 day notice that the repository google/googleapps-message-recall will be deprecated on 11/14/16.

What does this mean?

The github project will be deprecated and Google will discontinue support for message-recall.

Why are you doing this?

The reason Google first created these tools was to address a need when there were limited alternatives in the market. Today there are options available that are better supported and in many cases provide an improved experience.

What are the alternative options?

We recommend switching to use Google Apps Manager as the functionality provided by message-recall is well supported by Google Apps Manager and can offer an improved benefit over it.

For example:

./gam all users delete messages query doit max_to_delete 1

We thank you for your support and use of the tool, we hope it was useful!