The maintenance of this project has moved to the AllenNLP framework.
Where you can use the model and an online demo. This thin wrapper may also be useful if you want to run the pretrained model.

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Code for training a supervised Neural Open IE model, as described in our NAACL2018 paper.
:construction: Still under construction :construction:

Citing :bookmark:

If you use this software, please cite:

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Quickstart :hatching_chick:

  1. Install requirements :bow:

    pip install requirements.txt
  2. Download embeddings :walking:

    cd ./pretrained_word_embeddings/
  3. Train model :running:

    cd ./src
    python  ./rnn/  --train=../data/train.conll  --dev=../data/dev.conll  --test=../data/test.conll --load_hyperparams=../hyerparams/confidence.json```

    NOTE: Models are saved by default to the models dir, unless a "--saveto" command line argument is passed. See for more details.

  4. Predict with a trained model :clap:

    python ./ \
    --model=path/to/model \

More scripts :bicyclist:

See src/scripts for more handy scripts. Additional documentation coming soon!