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floyd-cli: The command line tool for FloydHub. Use this to interact with FloydHub from your machine.

FloydHub is the fastest way to build, train, and deploy deep learning models on cloud GPUs. Visit (www.floydhub.com) to sign up for free.


Quick Start

  1. Install the cli:

    Using pip:

    $ pip install -U floyd-cli

    Using conda:

    $ conda install -y -c conda-forge -c floydhub floyd-cli
  2. Visit floydhub.com and create a free account by clicking the SIGN UP FOR FREE button.

  3. Login with the cli by typing:

$ floyd login -u <username>

You are now logged in and ready to rock.

Ready to run your first experiment?

Visit the quick start guide.

Want to learn more?

Check out the documentation.

Having issues?

Ask a question on the forum, or log an issue in our issue tracker.