AEA Framework

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A framework for autonomous economic agent (AEA) development

AEA Description

Get started

  1. Create and launch a clean virtual environment with Python 3.7 (any Python >= 3.6 works):

    pipenv --python 3.7 && pipenv shell

  2. Install the package from PyPI:

    pip install aea[all]

    Or, if you use zsh rather than bash:

    pip install "aea[all]"

  3. Then, build your agent as described in the docs.

AEA Video

Alternatively: Install from Source

This approach is not recommended!


This repository contains submodules. Clone with recursive strategy:

git clone --recursive && cd agents-aea


All python specific framework dependencies are specified in and installed with the framework. All development dependencies are specified in Pipfile (and installed via the commands specified in Preliminaries).

You can have more control on the installed dependencies by leveraging the setuptools' extras mechanism.



The following dependency is only relevant if you intend to contribute to the repository:

The following steps are only relevant if you intend to contribute to the repository. They are not required for agent development.


If you are using our software in a publication, please consider to cite it with the following BibTex entry:

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