Brightcove XBlock

This XBlock allows to include Brightcove videos within an edX course.

Note: Ooyala has been shutdown since April 2020 so the XBlock has been renamed to Brightcove and only supports Brightcove videos now.

It supports:


Install the requirements into the python virtual environment of your edx-platform installation by running the following command from the root folder:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This will install requirements and the Ooyala XBlock itself.

Enabling in Studio

You can enable the Ooyala XBlock in Studio through the advanced settings:

  1. From the main page of a specific course, click on Settings, Advanced Settings in the top menu.
  2. Locate the advanced_modules policy key, and add "ooyala-player" to the policy value list.
  3. Click on the Save changes button.


Once enabled, you can find Ooyala Player component under the Advanced tab in the Studio. When you add it to a course in the studio, the block is set up with default content, shown in the screenshot below.

Studio View


The following settings can be set in studio edit:

Studio Edit

Custom workbench settings

Not available yet.

Starting the workbench

Not available yet.

Running tests

  1. In a virtualenv, run
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
$ pushd $VIRTUAL_ENV/src/xblock-sdk/; make install; popd
$ pushd $VIRTUAL_ENV/src/xblock-mentoring/; pip install -r requirements.txt; popd
  1. To run the tests, from the xblock-ooyala repository root:
$ python --with-cover --cover-package=ooyala_player


The Image Explorer XBlock is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3).