This Repository combines the MASK_RCNN algorithm for instance segmentation and DeepLabV2 Algorithm for semantic segmentation in order to produce predictions for the Panoptic Segmentation Challenge.

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In order to use, it's require to setup the repository first:


Make sure you have Python 3.6 and pip3 9.0.1 and pipenv (other pip versions may work, however they are untested) This also requires CUDA 9 and cuDNN to be installed on system.


  1. git clone to clone the repository

  2. Enter Root directory:

    cd PanopticSegmentation
  3. Install dependencies:

    pipenv install


From inside the root directory:

  1. Enter Virtual Env:

pipenv shell

  1. Run the command:

pipenv run start

  1. Follow the instructions in the menu to run either inference or evaluation of the dataset.