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squeeze-alexa is a codebase for creating your own Amazon Alexa Skill to communicate with Logitech Media Server ("squeezebox") using a NAS or home server. See the original announcement blog post, and the follow-up with videos.

Aims & Features

Things it is not

Supported Languages


In English

These should all work (usually) in the current version. Most commands can take a player name, or will remember the default / last player if not specified.



Selecting Music


Auf Deutsch

En français

I want!

See the HOWTO for the full details of installing and configuring your own squeeze-alexa instance, or TROUBLESHOOTING if you're getting stuck.


squeeze-alexa is an open source project licensed under GPLv3 (or later). If you'd like to help test, translate, or develop it, see the Github issues and read CONTRIBUTING.