This python 3 program creates copies of MQTT broker data into a SQL database (currently supports MySQL5.x/MariaDB 10.x and SQLite 3).

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The MQTT data are provided in the following tables/view:



During the installation we

Python prerequisites

If not already done, install a working Python 3.x environment described there.

Note: Due to the Python 2.7 EOL in Jan 2020 Python 2.x is no longer supported.

Install Pip, Paho MQTT and MySQLdb lib to your python environment use

sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-mysqldb python3-configargparse python3-paho-mqtt

Check that Python 3.x is installed e.g.

$ python3 --version
Python 3.8.0

Check that pip installed pao-mqtt greater or equal version 1.2.3, e.g.

$ pip3 show paho-mqtt
Name: paho-mqtt
Version: 1.5.0

Copy the program

Copy repository using git and make the program executable:

git clone
cd mqtt2sql
chmod +x

Create database objects

the sql scripts we use here for MySQL and SQLite are creating all neccessary databases and objects. The default database is mqtt and the tables are mqtt_history with history data enabled. If you want to use different namings or existing databases, edit the top of the related *sql script before using it.

Using MySQL

mysql --host localhost < mysql.sql

If a username and password is set on your server, use

mysql --host localhost -u <username> -p < mysql.sql

Using SQLite3

sqlite3 mqtt.db <sqlite.sql


Start from command line

For first help, start the script with parameter -h

./ -h

If you got a help page, you can start try to run it using one of the existing database objects above

Run program using MySQL

Change parameter (e.g. mqtthost, sqlhost) to your needs

./ --mqtt-host localhost --mqtt-username mqttuser --mqtt-password 'mqttpasswd' \
--mqtt-topic 'mytopic/#' \
--sql-type mysql --sql-host localhost --sql-username sqluser --sql-password 'sqlpasswd' --sql-db mqtt -v

Run program using SQLite3

Change parameter (e.g. mqtthost) to your needs

./ --mqtt-host localhost --mqtt-username mqttuser --mqtt-password 'mqttpasswd' \
--mqtt-topic 'mytopic/#' \
--sql-type sqlite --sql-db mqtt.db -v

Start as systemd manager daemon

The program allows the entire program parameters to be transferred in a configuration file instead of as individual program parameters.
For the following service file we use a copy of the configuration file mqtt2sql.conf for parameterization and chnage it to our needs. This means that we do not have to edit the service file in the case of changes.

Make a copy of the program and configuration file and edit the parameter

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/
sudo cp /usr/local/bin/
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/
sudo cp mqtt2sql.conf /usr/local/etc/
sudo nano /usr/local/etc/mqtt2sql.conf

edit the configuration parameter for your needs and save it with Ctrl+o Ctrl+x.

Create mqtt2sql.service

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/mqtt2sql.service

Insert the following lines

Description=MQTT2SQL mysql.service

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/ --configfile /usr/local/etc/mqtt2sql.conf


Reload systemd manager, restart daemon and check success

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart mqtt2sql
sudo systemctl status mqtt2sql

Finally enable the service

sudo systemctl enable mqtt2sql

History data

Table mqtt_history contains data history from table mqtt changes received by the MQTT subscription. The default setup is storing only changed values within mqtt_history.

Database objects created by this scripts enables history data as default.

History control

History data creation depends on two columns in mqtt table:

Change history control for exiting records

For existing mqtt table records use the UPDATE command, e.g. UPDATE mqtt SET history_enable=0 to disable history saving for all existing topic records (accordingly same sing column history_diffonly)

Change history control for newly created records

For newly created mqtt table records change the default of the related column using the ALTER command, e.g.

    CHANGE COLUMN `history_enable`
    `history_enable` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;`

set the same as above (disable history saving for topic records) for newly created topics.

History view

The view mqtt_history_view can be used to get the history data with human readable topics instead of foreign keys from original table mqtt_history. The view has also two timestamp columns:

If history_diffonly is enabled (1), ts shows the timestamp of the last payload change where the ts_last shows the latest recevied timestamp (independent if the last recevied payload has change or not).