Will People like Your Image?

TensorFlow implementation of estimating image aesthetics

Will people like your image
Katharina Schwarz Patrick Wieschollek, Hendrik P.A. Lensch
WACV 2018


The original model was trained on an out-dated TensorFlow training interface. Here, we provide a multi-GPU training script based on TensorPack. For more details, see the training directory.

Video Spotting

We provide an example to do video spotting. The steps are:

user@host $ VIDEO=original.mp4
user@host $ avconv -i original.mp4 -s 256x256 -strict -2 echo ${VIDEO%.mp4}-small.mp4  # resize the video to match the network input
user@host $ python apply.py --mp4 ${VIDEO%.mp4}-small.mp4 # apply our neural network
user@host $ python gui.py # use the GUI to display the video and the scores

Click Load Video and select the original high-res video.

Training Data

The file arod/list.txt provides the url to images used during training. The format is url;faves;views.