Code for the book Geoprocessing with Python.

Corresponding data files can be found at https://app.box.com/s/1cwdnolsmtf0s04o0hshbv4vxiuqcmi9 (it used to be on github, but the raster files were well past github's file size limit).

The source code for the ospybook module referenced in the text is in the ospybook folder. You can install it like this:

pip install [path_to_osgeopy-code]/ospybook-latest.zip

Or directly from GitHub like this:

pip install https://github.com/cgarrard/osgeopy-code/raw/master/ospybook-latest.zip

Note that these commands are not run from a Python session. Instead, run them from a terminal window. If pip is not in your path, just provide the full path to it. For example, I could run it from a command prompt on my Windows machine like this:

C:\Python33\Scripts\pip install https://github.com/cgarrard/osgeopy-code/raw/master/ospybook-latest.zip