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DDT4All is a tool to create your own ECU parameters screens and connect to a CAN network with a cheap ELM327 interface.

This application is work in progress, so be very careful when using expert mode. Using the application in non expert mode should not be harmful for your vehicle (leave the expert mode button released).


Do not use this software if you don't have a strong knowledge of how a CAN network (or ECU) works, you can really do bad things with it, especially if you're working on a vehicle

The author declines all responsibility about a bad use of this tool. You are the only responsible

This tool should be used primarily for CAN ISO_TP network study


Install dependencies on Ubuntu:


or QT5

Windows installer

Get the fully packaged installer here: Release area

Supported diagnostic adapters (so far)


How to launch the application ?




No serial connection


Windows archive with embedded Python/PyQt here

Bug tracking:

Happy CAN-Hacking :)

To make this application more reliable, I need to buy hardware, cables and devices, so please consider contributing by making a donation (hardware or money). You can contribute too by filling bug reports and sending patches. Donate