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NOTE: All of the communication/adapter code has been moved to vexbot

A Python3.5, PyQt chat GUI featuring support for the following websites

Youtube (Selenium based scraper or Youtube API) Twitch (IRC client)
WatchPeopleCode (websocket client)
Livecoding (xmpp client)

Installation instructions

  1. pip install chatimusmaximus
  2. create a settings.yml file using default_settings.yml as guidance
  3. chatimusmaximus --settings_path /path/to/your/settings.yml

Alternatively clone/download and unzip, change into directory

  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. python develop
  3. python chatimusmaximus

If you run into issues, send me an email [beohoff@gmail] or start an issue!

Running instructions

  1. change into the chatimusmaximus source directory and from the command line run python chatimusmaximus
  2. Or run the code from vexbot I haven't had time to write up running instructions for vexbot :shame: but feel free to email me about it.

pull requests welcome!

Chatimusmaximus uses Click from lebcraftlp.