Install on your local machine

i) install Anaconda3 ii) create enviornment with " conda create --name normative_modeling " iii) activate environment by " source activate normative_modeling " iv) install the required packages below with " conda install " or " pip install "

conda install pip " " conda install spyder " " conda install pandas " " conda install scipy " " pip install nibabel " " pip install sklearn " " pip install torch " " pip install glob3 

v) download/clone nispat from vi) unzip nispat into download folder vii) change dir to download folder using the terminal and execute " pip install nispat-master/ "

Install on a shared resource

Make sure conda is available on the system. Otherwise install it first from

conda --version

Create a conda environment in a shared location

conda create -y python==3.7.7 numpy mkl blas --prefix=/shared/conda/normative_modeling/1.2.2

Activate the conda environment

conda activate /shared/onda/cnormative_modeling/1.2.2

Install other dependencies

conda install -y spyder pandas scipy 

Install pip dependencies

pip --no-cache-dir install nibabel sklearn torch glob3 

Clone the repo

git clone

install nispat in the conda environment

cd nispat/
python3 install


python -c "import nispat as pk;print(pk.__file__)"