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How to use AETROS CLI

Please see our documentation AETROS CLI: Getting started.

How to use AETROS Python SDK

Please see our documentation Python SDK: Getting started.


$ sudo pip install aetros

# update
$ sudo pip install aetros --upgrade


For simple models (where we generate the Keras code for you), you need to install Keras 2 (<=2.1.2), Tensorflow and Python 2.7/3.

For custom models (where you start any command and might integrate our Python SDK), you only need Python 2/3.

Installation development version

If you want to install current master (which is recommended during the closed-beta) you need to execute:

$ git clone
$ cd aetros-cli
$ make dev-install
$ aetros --help
$ # maybe you have to execute aetros-cli commands using python directly
$ python -m aetros --help

To debug issues, you can try to enable debug mode using DEBUG=1 environment variable in front of the command, example:

$ DEBUG=1 python -m aetros start owner/model-name/cd877e3f91e137394d644f4b61d97e6ab47fdfde
2017-09-04 17:18:52 aetros-job[11153] DEBUG Home config loaded from /Users/marc/.aetros.yml

You can alternatively to git clone download the zip at