visma - VISual MAth

A math equation solver and visualizer


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An equation solver and visualizer, which aims to help in grasping how mathematical equations are transformed and solved. By this the threshold for obtaining deeper mathematical understanding can be reduced.


PyPI PyPI - Python Version

NOTE: VISualMAth is supported for python3 and above only. The recommended installation method is through pip/pip3.

$ pip3 install visualmath

This sets up the environment to run on your computer.

$ visma
>>> gui
$ python3
>>> from visma.main import init
>>> init()
Welcome! This is Visual Maths Interactive Shell...
type 'help' for a User Manual and Ctrl + D to Exit prompt

>>> simplify(2 + x + 11)
INPUT: 2.0 + x + 11.0
OPERATION: simplify
OUTPUT: 13.0 + x

2.0 + x + 11.0

(Adding 11.0 and 2.0)
13.0 + x

[5]+  Stopped                 python3


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If visma is to be installed locally or for development:

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3

NOTE: If using pip instead of pip3 for installing, make sure to check if the pip exists in python3 library by checking the pip version.

$ pip --version


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For code documentation and learning how to use visma check out the wiki.


Below are some demos showing visma and its capabilities:

To see all features of visma, check this out.


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PRs are welcomed. For contributing to visma refer If there are any issues or ideas they can be addressed through the issues or in chat room.


License: GPL v3

visma is distributed under the GNU GPL-3 or later.