Timed Backend

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Timed timetracking software REST API built with Django



After installing and configuring those requirements, you should be able to run the following commands to complete the installation:

Add the timed.local entries to your hosts file:

echo " timed.local" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Then just start the docker-compose setup:

make start

This brings up complete local installation, including our Timed Frontend project.

You can visit it at http://timed.local.

The API can be accessed at http://timed.local/api/v1 and the admin interface at http://timed.local/admin/.


To get the application working locally for development, make sure to create a file .env with the following content:



Following options can be set as environment variables to configure Timed backend in documented format according to type.

Parameter Description Default
DJANGO_ENV_FILE Path to setup environment vars in a file .env
DJANGO_DEBUG Boolean that turns on/off debug mode False
DJANGO_SECRET_KEY Secret key for cryptographic signing not set (required)
DJANGO_ALLOWED_HOSTS List of hosts representing the host/domain names not set (required)
DJANGO_HOST_PROTOCOL Protocol host is running on (http or https) http
DJANGO_HOST_DOMAIN Main host name server is reachable on not set (required)
DJANGO_DATABASE_NAME Database name timed
DJANGO_DATABASE_USER Database username timed
DJANGO_DATABASE_HOST Database hostname localhost
DJANGO_DATABASE_PORT Database port 5432
DJANGO_AUTH_LDAP_ENABLED Enable LDAP authentication False
DJANGO_AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI uri of LDAP server not set
DJANGO_AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN distinguished name to use when binding to LDAP server not set
DJANGO_AUTH_LDAP_USER_DN_TEMPLATE template to distinguish user’s username not set
EMAIL_URL Uri of email server smtp://localhost:25
DJANGO_DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL Default email address to use for various responses webmaster@localhost
DJANGO_SERVER_EMAIL Email address error messages are sent from root@localhost
DJANGO_ADMINS List of people who get error notifications not set
DJANGO_WORK_REPORT_PATH Path of custom work report template not set


Look at our contributing guidelines to start with your first contribution.


Code released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.