Galaxy SDK for Python

This is XiaoMi Galaxy SDK for python, which allows Python developers to write software that makes use of XiaoMi Galaxy [EMR/SDS/FDS/EMQ].


Requires Python >= 2.6. You can install using pip or easy_install:

pip install galaxy-sdk-python or easy_install galaxy-sdk-python

or download source codes from []() and add the 'lib' dir to your python path.

Configuring Credential

Before using the SDK, ensure that you've configured credential. You can get the necessary credential by registering on To configure credential, you may use codes like:

appKey = "MY-APP-KEY"
appSecret = "MY-SECRET-KEY"
credential = Credential(UserType.APP_SECRET, appKey, appSecret)


To use SDK, you can import like:

from sds.table.ttypes import PutRequest
from sds.table.ttypes import GetRequest

We have two examples in the 'examples' dir of the source code, users can run these examples after credential configured.

python examples/