This project is currently on hiatus while I'm focussing on some other work. The project is not dead, and I will return to it. I still have big plans for it. If you have any urgent bugs or issues please create an issue and I will try and get to it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Tenma is currently in alpha. I can not claim that this application is secure to run over the internet.

Tenma is a self-hosted server that allows you to store, organize, and read DRM-free digital comic books. Tenma leverages the ComicVine API to retrieve metadata for your comics that will show how your different comics are related (ComicVine account required for this optional feature).


Where to get DRM-free comics

Please don't pirate your digital comics!

You can legally download DRM-free comics from the following sources:

NOTE: When purchasing, keep in mind that PDF is currently an unsupported format. This will hopefully change in the near future.

Installation and Configuration

For Docker installation check out the tenma-docker repo.

To manually install, please refer to the Tenma Wiki for installation and configuration instructions for different operating systems.




Issue Page


For more screenshots, check out the screenshots directory


If you'd like to contribute, please create an issue and a related PR.