A bridge between Lichess API and bots.

How to Install



Lichess OAuth

Setup Engine

Lichess Upgrade to Bot Account

WARNING This is irreversible. Read more about upgrading to bot account.

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For Docker

Use to easily run lc0 and lichess-bot inside a Docker container.

Tips & Tricks

[Service] Environment="PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1" ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /home/thibault/lichess-bot/ WorkingDirectory=/home/thibault/lichess-bot/ User=thibault Group=thibault Restart=always


# Acknowledgements
Thanks to the Lichess team, especially T. Alexander Lystad and Thibault Duplessis for working with the LeelaChessZero
team to get this API up. Thanks to the Niklas Fiekas and his [python-chess]( code which allows engine communication seamlessly.

# License
lichess-bot is licensed under the AGPLv3 (or any later version at your option). Check out LICENSE.txt for the full text.