This program is just a demonstration. It's not intended for personal purpose.

What is this?

IPTV is a simple python program that let you crawl the search engines in order to fetch those sites that stream illegal tv programs.

This script leverage the fact the a lot of those sites use the same CMS to create the web application and sharing the service, behind a CMS there's always some exploits. We are using one simple exploit to grab and crawl the site's url and use for our purpose, we have discovered a lot of those exploits.

Ethical Dilemma

Even though those services are illegal, stealing from a thief is still stealing.

Using this program for your personal use is illegal.

External dependencies

If you want to use the iptv_gui version you need to install PyQt first

How to use the CLI version

alt tag

How to use the GUI version

alt tag


This program work on Window, Linux, Mac OSX and BSD. The only requirement is python, better if python 2!


See the license for further details


Contributes are welcome and much appreciated, please read the contributing guide for further information.