Penny Dreadful Tools

Repository for the tools used by the Penny Dreadful Community.

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analysis is for Magic Online game log analysis.

decksite is the code for

discordbot is the Discord chatbot.

github_tools are some GitHub integration utillities.

magic knows everything about all magic cards and how to fetch that information from the internet and model it.

logsite is the code for

logsite_migrations are alembic database migrations for logsite.

magic is for information about Magic: the Gathering such as cards, decklists, card images, legality, etc.

maintenance is for useful scripts, usually run via cron.

modo_bugs is for integration with

price_grabber builds a database of card prices.

pylint_monolith is for our custom extensions to pylint.

rotation_script is for the script that handles Penny Dreadful rotation (card legality changes each season).

shared contains a bunch of general purpose helper classes. Things that could be used in any project.

shared_web contains a bunch of web-specific helper classes.


Contributions are very welcome. Please join the Discord at and feel free to ask questions in #code.

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