Mastering GUI Programming with Python

Mastering GUI Programming with Python

This is the code repository for Mastering GUI Programming with Python, published by Packt.

Develop impressive cross-platform GUI applications with PyQt

What is this book about?

PyQt5 has long been the most powerful and comprehensive GUI framework available for Python, yet there is a lack of cohesive resources available to teach Python programmers how to use it. This book aims to remedy the problem by providing comprehensive coverage of GUI development with PyQt5.

This book covers the following exciting features:

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Instructions and Navigations

All of the code is organized into folders. For example, Chapter03.

The code will look like the following:

 # inside __init__()
        self.goodbutton = qtw.QPushButton("Good")
        # ...

    def no_args(self):
        print('I need no arguments')

Following is what you need for this book: This book is for programmers who want to create attractive, functional, and powerful GUIs using the Python language. You’ll also find this book useful if you are a student, professional, or anyone who wants to start exploring GUIs or take your skills to the next level. Although prior knowledge of the Python language is assumed, experience with PyQt, Qt, or GUI programming is not required.

With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book (Chapter 1-17).

Software and Hardware List

Chapter Software required OS required
1 - 17 Python 3.7 or greater, PyQt 5.12 Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
17 PyInstaller 3.4, SetupTools 41.0.1 Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
1-4 QtDesigner/QtCreator 4.8.0 or higher Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
9 SQLite 3 Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
12, 14 psutil 5.6.2 Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)
15 Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspbian 10 Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Any)

We also provide a PDF file that has color images of the screenshots/diagrams used in this book. Click here to download it.

Code in Action

Click on the following link to see the Code in Action: Click here to view the videos


Page 77: The section of code that describes the "on_category_change" method:

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Get to Know the Author

Alan D Moore is a data analyst and software developer who has been solving problems with Python since 2006. He's developed both open source and private code using frameworks like Django, Flask, Qt, and, Tkinter, and contributes to various open source Python and Javascript projects. Alan is the author of Python GUI Programming with Tkinter.

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