Codeship Status for OpenHumans/open-humans

This repository contains the code for the Open Humans Website.

The local development environment



For the following commands, you'll also want to set up virtualenvwrapper:

Create a virtualenv for Python 3.6, e.g.:

In the future, start the virtual environment with:

And update it after pulling updated code by repeating:

node.js dependencies (primarily for gulp)

Update after pulling updated code by repeating:

create your postgres database

Running this site requires a PostgreSQL database (even for local development).

Set up environment settings

Use env.example as a starting point. Copy this to .env and modify with your own settings.

Initialize or update the database

Do this at the beginning, and update when pulling updated code by running:

Additional setup

For additional setup information see docs/

Running the development server

Running tests

You need to process static files before you can run tests.

  1. ./ collectstatic
  2. ./ test

Linting & formatting

Please use black to format code prior to commits. Set up a pre-commit hook by running the following:

  1. pre-commit install