Some interesting method like style transfer, GAN, deep neural networks for Chinese character and calligraphic image processing

1. Classification for 30 different Fonts

Dataset: Extract code: lqp2

Part of the dataset

Fonts classification by GoogLeNet

Loss Test accuracy Confusion matrix

Feature visualizing

2. Style transfer for calligraphic image

Content image dataset:

Style fusion


The method of this application, we just simply use pix2pix to generate another style of Chinese character.

Dataset: extract code: 2vku

3. Calligraphic image denoising

4. Chinese character inpainting


These great calligraphy works are written by my teacher Prof. Zhang.


  1. Mingtao Guo 2. Xinran Wen


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Code reference

[1]. Style transfer for calligraphic image:

[2]. zi2zi:

[3]. Calligraphic image denoising: