This uses the log.txt file to track item pickups in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, Afterbirth+, and Antibirth.

The game's built-in item tracker only shows 10 items and the pause screen items are hard to read, so this program offers a more powerful alternative. This is particularly useful for streamers, so their viewers can see their items, but can be used by anyone.

Additionally, the tracker...

Download it here (get the latest file that doesn't have "source code" in the name).

To use it, first extract that zip file and then run the exe inside. Don't put it inside the same folder as any file \named log.txt.

You can right click anywhere in the window to get an options screen.

You can mouse over items you've picked up to see their stats again, and click on them to open in your browser for more information about that item.

It tries to read log.txt from inside the appropriate game folder, based on which game you select in the tracker options. If something is unexpectedly weird about your game folder and it can't find it, you can put the tracker folder into the folder with your log.txt and it will force it to use the specific one it finds there. (If you do this, you can't change between different isaac games by using the tracker option, and you'd have to have multiple tracker installs to use for Antibirth vs Afterbirth+, for example. Normally this should not have to happen.)

The tracker checks for updates each time you launch it, and will update itself if you allow it. This only works on Windows. You can toggle this in the options window.

The tracker can be used on Linux, but you have to run it from source, and it can't autoupdate. Read "HOW TO BUILD.txt" for instructions.

The tracker doesn't work properly on a Mac: it will crash when you open the options menu. If you're okay with manually editing your options.json file instead of using the gui to change your options, you might be able to run it on a Mac in the same way it can be run on Linux (see above).

Status Message Customization

The tracker displays a line of text at the top of its window. This text can be adjusted in the options to contain various different pieces of information.

By default, it shows: "Seed: {seed} / Guppy: {guppy} / Leviathan: {leviathan} / Spun: {spun} / {version_number} / Room: {room_id}"

Where there's a word inside curly braces, it substitutes the value of that variable. Variables that you can use here include:

The stats are kind of obsolete now that Found HUD is built into the game. They also don't track changes from things like pills or Experimental Treatment, because those don't say what they do in the game's log file.

Tournament/Restreaming Use

First, each competitor needs to go to the options screen, click "Let Others Watch Me", click "Get an authkey", authorize the application on twitch in the browser window that pops up, and then paste the authkey they receive into the tracker. After getting an authkey once, this step doesn't need to happen again. Don't show the authkey on stream.

If you're in "Let Others Watch Me" mode, indicated by the text "uploading to server" in the title bar, then the host can see your items with the "Watch Someone Else" button.

After closing the tracker, the tournament settings will turn themselves off automatically.

The host needs to run a separate copy of the tracker for each competitor. To compensate for twitch delay, there's a "read delay" setting which makes the tracker wait that many seconds before displaying updates from the player. Ctrl-up and ctrl-down are shortcuts to change the delay, which is also shown in the title bar.

Known issues