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Some codes I wrote to help me with errands. it really made my life easier hope it does for you too ^^



  1. clone
git clone
  1. open terminal & execute

  2. Enjoy !


Feel free to contribute in this all you have to do is submit a pull request.

Contents description

  1. Blockchain : A small python based application to create a blockchain in less than 50 lines of code.

  2. Bots : Creates a linkedIn viewer bot that scrapes linkedIn profiles using beautifulsoup.

  3. CSS-JS_minimiser : JS/HTML page for the purpose of minifying CSS/Javascript codes.

  4. CSV Data Handler: A console program to delete rows or columns from a CSV file.

        python -i sample.csv -o output.csv  -m (row or col) -n 3
  1. Extension Changer : a Python based application capable of changing all extentions of files in same folder to a given one.

  2. FolderExSorter : a Python based application that sorts a folder according to files extentions.


   Folder                                           Folder
   |-Music1.mp3       Python      |-MP3
   |-Music2.mp3       =======================>      | |-Music1.mp3
   |-Music3.mp4                                     | |-Music2.mp3
   |-file.pdf                                       |-MP4
                                                    | |-Music3.mp4
                                                    | |-file.pdf
  1. Letter to words : Python code to convert scrambled letters to words.

  2. MorningAlarm : A small Python code for morning alarm.

  3. Pandora Web browser script : a small Javascript code for tamper Monkey to keep pandora playing none stop without "are you still listening popup".

  4. Proxy Grabber : A console based Python application capable of providing fresh proxy servers list everytime you excute it.

  5. Sorting Algorithms : Various small sorting functions that return a result given a set of parameters.

  6. Torrent Checker : Checks the IP address of a torrents to make sure they can be connected too.

  7. MyYoutubeLikedMusicVideosDownloader : a Python based application capable of parsing your youtube account Like history and download ONLY Music category as an MP3 format.

  8. RasPiPowerOff: Turn off your Raspberry Pi with a button on your Smartphone.

  9. Wallpaper: A python script for downloading bing wallpaper of the day and setting it up as the desktop background image. (Ubuntu only)

  10. Xkcd: A python script for downloading xkcd comics at a given directory

    python3 n d
    -n: no of comics to downlaod
    -d: directory where it needs to be downloaded
  11. Backup: A script for backing up files using git. Usage:

    • Create a Github/Gitlab repository (Init and fetching remote)
    • Add and list.json as mentioned
    • Fill the list.json file with things to backup
    • Run with varioius arguments
      python backup
      python push
      python restore


    "Name of file in current directory"
  1. ToDo: A python script that notifies you according to your todo list

  2. Bad Link Filter: A python script that filters all the dangerous links out of a list using

  3. Clipboard Translator: Program that automatically translates a text copied to the clipboard.

  4. Translate Excel: Program that uses google translator to translate an excel column and row-range in a given excel sheet. It asks from which language to which you want to translate.

    python3 <<filename>> <<column>> <<row start>> <<row end>>



codes are licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

FOSSA Status