GovReady-Q Compliance Server

The GovReady-Q Compliance Server is an open source GRC platform for highly automated, user-friendly, self-service compliance assessments and documentation. It's perfect for DevSecOps.

GovReady-Q solves the painful compliance bottleneck of needing months to authorize applications that deploy and redeploy in minutes.


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Downloading GovReady-Q

Downloading Where
Current release on Docker
Nightly Build on Docker
Clone the GitHub repo

Installing GovReady-Q

Deployment Guide
Installation and Setup
Installing on Workstations for Development
Deploying on Ubuntu
Deploying on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8
Deploying with Docker


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GovReady-Q is open source and incorporates the emerging NIST OSCAL and OpenControl data standard for reusable compliance content.

License / Credits

This repository is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.