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Get Together is an open source event manager for local communities.

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This project has been built using Django 2 and Python 3.

For more details on dependencies, please check requirements.txt.

Getting Started

Install Git

First, make sure you have Git already installed.

It usually comes pre-installed in Mac and Linux but in Windows you need to run the installer available in the link above.

Install virtualenv

Also make sure you have virtualenv in your computer by running:

virtualenv --version

If you get an error, use pip (included in Python3) with the following command:

pip install virtualenv

Configure your local repository

If you haven't already, fork the project at

Clone your forked repository in your computer (see detailed instructions here).

Navigate to the repository's location using the command line: cd GetTogether

Add to remote following these instructions.

Configure the virtual environment

virtualenv ./env
virtualenv --python=python3 ./env

Install dependecies and migrate the database

./env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
./env/bin/python migrate
./env/Scripts/pip install -r requirements.txt
./env/Scripts/python migrate

Rename the local_settings file

Find the file local_settings.example and copy it in with the following command:

cp local_settings.example

Create a super user

./env/bin/python createsuperuser
winpty ./env/Scripts/python createsuperuser

Start the server

./env/bin/python runserver
winpty ./env/Scripts/python runserver

Installing pre-commit hooks

Pre-commit is a tool that helps us commiting better code. Before writing any code first install the hooks to your repo.

./env/bin/pre-commit install
./env/Scripts/pre-commit install

From now on everytime you commit some code this will be checked by our pre-commit hooks.

Code formatters

We use the following code formatters:

They are included in the requirements.txt so they were installed already when you installed dependencies.

On the first commit after installing pre-commit, Black and iSort it will create a new environment, which may take a few minutes. This environment will be reused for all subsequent commits.

Loading City data

In order to make it easier to create Places and Teams without having to manually enter records for Country, SPR (State/Province/Region) and City, you can preload them using data files from

The provided load_spr and load_cities commands will only load data if the parent country (or SPR for cities) exists in the database. This lets you choose whether you want to load every city, only cities for select countries, or only for select SPRs.


Download the countryInfo.txt file from GeoNames, then run:

./env/bin/python load_countries countryInfo.txt


Download the admin1CodesASCII.txt file from GeoNames, then run:

./env/bin/python load_spr admin1CodesASCII.txt


You have a few choices for City data files. GeoNames provides data files for cities with more than 15,000 residents, cities with more than 5,000 residents, and cities with more than 1,000 residents. The smaller the number, the more cities there will be in the data file (and the longer it will take to import them all).

Download the file you want from the links above. They will be zip files that you must unzip before using. Then import the cities by running (for your downloaded file):

./env/bin/python load_cities cities15000.txt

Using docker

docker build -t get_together .
docker run -e "DEBUG_MODE=True" -e "SECRET_KEY=xxxxx" -e "ALLOWED_HOSTS=localhost," -d --name get_together -p 8000:8000 get_together
docker exec -it get_together venv/bin/python createsuperuser

Using docker-compose

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec get_together python3 createsuperuser

You can then connect to the container by going to localhost:8000

Test Federation

You can import live event data into your "Searchable" table with this command:

./env/bin/python import

Getting Involved

To contribute to Get Together, you can file issues here on GitHub, work on features you want it to have, or contact us on Telegram to learn more.

Currently the project needs:

If you can help with any of these, please get in touch with me!