PYLEECAN™ objective is to provide a user-friendly, unified, flexible simulation framework for the multiphysic design and optimization of electrical machines and drives based on fully open-source software.

It is meant to be used by researchers, R&D engineers and teachers in electrical engineering, both on standard topologies of electrical machines and on novel topologies (e.g. during a PhD work). An objective of PYLEECAN is that every PhD student should start with PYLEECAN instead of implementing his own scripts (e.g. coupling Scilab or Matlab with Femm).


The initial scope of the project is to simulate the electromagnetic performances of the following 2D radial flux machines:

The project should then address 3D topologies (axial flux machines, claw-pole synchronous machines) and linear machines. On a longer term, PYLEECAN should also include the following five physics with different model granularity (e.g. analytic, semi-analytic, finite element):

Origin and status of the project

EOMYS initiated in 2018 the open-source project named PYLEECAN (Python Library for Electrical Engineering Computational Analysis) under Apache license by releasing a part of MANATEE commercial software scripts. These initial scripts included a fully object-oriented modelling of main radial flux electrical machines, with parameterized geometry. However, PYLEECAN is not an EOMYS-only project, the initial maintainers includes other companies and universities and all contributors are welcome.

If you are interested by a topology or a specific model, you can open an issue on this Github repository to talk about it. We will gladly explain how to add it yourself or we will add it to the development list for further release.

Documentation / Website

For now all the information on the project are available on At this link, you will find the ICEM 2018 publication and the architecture documentation.


You can contact us on Github by opening an issue (to request a feature, ask a question or report a bug) or at that redirect to all the maintainers.