MAINTAINER NEEDED: I am not able to continue working on this repository. Please contact me if you are interested in taking over this project.


DISCLAIMER: The NXT-Python v3 implementation is incomplete. Development is not active due to lack of interest. Find the latest stable version for Python2 on the releases page. Pull requests and improvements are very welcome!

NXT-Python is a package for controlling a LEGO NXT robot using the Python programming language. It can communicate using either USB or Bluetooth. It is based on Marcus Wanner's work ending in 2013, which in turn is based on NXT_Python, where releases halted in May 2007.



  1. Go and grab the latest version from the releases page - the master branch is too unstable to use
  2. Untar/unzip source package
  3. Navigate to the package directory, and run python3 install
  4. import nxt in your program and get going!

This is a quick overview, detailed instructions can be found on the wiki page.

About v3

This version is part of the 3.x series of releases. Programs written for series 1.x or 2.x will not run properly or at all using this version, due API-breaking changes. v3.x is functionally similar to v2.x, however is written for Python3 and as such will not behave correctly running code designed for Python2! If you wish to run an older program, older versions can be downloaded from the releases page.

Converting between versions

Since the 3.x and 2.x series use the same API, in most cases code can be automatically converted. Python2 and Python3 include a built in 2to3 script which will automatically modify the program. However, there is no converter between the 1.x and 2.x series - it's very unlikely you will come across a 1.x program these days. Read the documentation and do it manually!


NXT-Python repository maintainer: Eelviny - He doesn't always have time to code, but he'll endeavour to respond to all pull requests and issues.

Github issues page: Send all questions, bugs and requests here!

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