This repository is an implementation of Deep Metric Learning via Facility Location on tensorflow. We build this on Cifar100 and Densenet-40. This paper is available here. For the loss layer implementation, look at here. For the Densenet implementation, look at here.

  Author    = {Hyun Oh Song and Stefanie Jegelka and Vivek Rathod and Kevin Murphy},
  Title     = {Deep Metric Learning via Facility Location},
  Booktitle = {Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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  1. Install prerequsites for tensorflow (see: tensorflow-gpu installation instructions).
  2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt get required support.

Training Procedure

  1. Modify for training-params and densenet-params. We pick Cifar100 as our training data, because it's tiny, save GPU-memory (when batch size 64, it cost about 4.6G GPU-Memory) and good for doing research.
  2. Run python, the data_provider with automaticlly handle data download and process. After that, start Densenet-Cluster-loss training.
  3. Download Downsampled Imagenet with size 32x32 from here. Modify train on Imagenet.

Feature Extraction after Training

  1. Modify extract feature embeddings on cifar test set, the embeddings is saved with .npy format used for evaluation process.

Clustering and Retrieval Evaluation

  1. Run python visualization/ can plot and save the cluster result on Cifar database. tSNE

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