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Web portal for collaboration of community volunteers with organizations and institutions.

Developer setup

To run our application in development mode You need to have Docker and Docker Compose.

That's the easiest way to setup environment - from downloaded source code run

docker-compose up

and point your browser to http://localhost:8000 and http://localhost:4200

Initial admin credentials

We have 2 levels of admin users and 2 initial users - with and without Django Admin access:

username password Django Admin access
hello@codeforpoznan.pl cfp123 yes
wolontariat@wrk.org.pl wrk123 no


Release cycles definition

Working agreement:

Responsive design breakpoints

Angular implementation use extensively Bootstrap 4 - we will comply with standard Bootstrap 4 breakpoints described on its website.

Running tests locally

In order to run tests locally, execute one of the following commands:

make test_all  # backend and frontend tests
make test_backend  # backend tests + linter
make test_frontend  # frontend tests

They will run docker image from the corresponding service. It will run in one-off mode but failed tests will leave a container behind - remember to clean it from time to time.