Circulate - Demo App for CircleCI


This is a working application that you can use to learn how to build, test and deploy with CircleCI 2.0. Follow the Project Walkthrough guide here.

It's a 'social blogging' web application similar to Twitter. Users can create accounts, make posts, follow users and comment on posts. You can circualate your thoughts and ideas :-)

Original Author Credit: This is directly based on Miguel Grinberg's excellent Flasky application.

The application uses Python and Flask for the backend.


Deployment to Heroku

The application demonstrates how to deploy to Heroku from CircleCI 2.0. Please consult the Project Walkthrough for documentation on how this works.

Running locally

Note: As mentioned above you don't need to run this application locally to learn about using CircleCI.

createdb circulate
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python deploy
python runserver

You can now test the app locally with the Flask development server.


The app runs various tests:

It uses unittest-xml-reporting for JUNIT style report generation.

See the tests directory for details.

python test to run the tests locally.