Deep Complex Networks

This repository contains code which reproduces experiments presented in the paper Deep Complex Networks.


Install requirements for computer vision experiments with pip:

pip install numpy Theano keras kerosene

And for music experiments:

pip install scipy sklearn intervaltree resampy
pip install git+git://

Depending on your Python installation you might want to use anaconda or other tools.


pip install .


Computer vision

  1. Get help:

    python scripts/ train --help
  2. Run models:

    python scripts/ train -w WORKDIR --model {real,complex} --sf STARTFILTER --nb NUMBEROFBLOCKSPERSTAGE

    Other arguments may be added as well; Refer to train --help for

    • Optimizer settings
    • Dropout rate
    • Clipping
    • ...


  1. Download the dataset from the official page

    mkdir data/
    wget -P data/
  2. Resample the dataset with data/musicnet.npz data/musicnet_11khz.npz 44100 11000
  3. Run shallow models shallow_model --in-memory --model=shallow_convnet --local-data data/musicnet_11khz.npz shallow_complex_model --in-memory --model=complex_shallow_convnet --complex --local-data data/musicnet_11khz.npz
  4. Run deep models deep_model --in-memory --model=deep_convnet --fourier --local-data data/musicnet_11khz.npz deep_complex_model --in-memory --model=complex_deep_convnet --fourier --complex --local-data data/musicnet_11khz.npz
  5. Visualize with jupyter notebook

    Run the notebook notebooks/visualize_musicnet.ipynb.

    precision-recall predicitons


Please cite our work as

    author  = "Chiheb Trabelsi, Olexa Bilaniuk, Ying Zhang, Dmitriy Serdyuk, Sandeep Subramanian, João Felipe Santos, Soroush Mehri, Negar Rostamzadeh, Yoshua Bengio, Christopher J Pal",
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