Explicit State Tracking with Semi-supervision for Neural Dialogue Generation

Code for CIKM'18 long paper: Explicit state tracking with semi-supervision for neural dialogue generation.

Paper on Arxiv


The project was developed upon PyTorch 0.3.0 and now tested on PyTorch 0.4.0 and Python 3.6.


Task oriented datasets:

Non-task oriented datasets:

Running Experiments

For running the model, run:

python [semi_sup_model.py|unsup_model.py] -mode [train|adjust|test] -model [camrest|kvret|ubuntu|jd] -c spv_proportion=XXX OTHER_CONFIGS_IN_CONFIG_PY=VALUE

For running metrics, run:

python metric.py -f RESULT_FILE -t [camrest|kvret]

For running embedding base metrics, please follow here


│   ├───CamRest676
│   ├───glove
│   ├───fasttext
│   ├───ubuntu
│   ├───jd
│   └───kvret

Use Case

Turn User input State span Response
0 I just realised nothing can access my mysql database anymore , it says cannot connect , why would this be ? I did set it to be remote remote would anymore mysql access you can use the mysql client to connect to the server
1 is it running ? running I says mysql access yes, I am running it now

For Reference

Please consider citing:

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% additionally for experiments on task-oriented datasets

  title={Sequicity: Simplifying task-oriented dialogue systems with single sequence-to-sequence architectures},
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Easter Egg: The last sentence of Section 6 in our ACL 2018 paper Sequicity